How to Engage, Monitor and Manage Employees Remotely

How to Engage, Monitor and Manage Employees Remotely
Photo by Jason Strull / Unsplash

A recent survey of 200 startups conducted by a group of UK-based VC investors showed the increasing need for support on maintaining engagement and productivity remotely as well as monitoring and managing individuals. We have pulled together some tools that may be helpful to your teams.

For improved employee engagement & productivity

  • Revisit professional plans, KPIs and metrics that have been affected by WFH
  • Seek out thought leaders in your industry to help inform and support your internal plans and communications for your department
  • How has working remotely affected your approach to the inclusion element of your I&D efforts?
  • As customers and suppliers ease into the new normal but might not be as busy as usual, use the opportunity to learn more: collect data about them and their new needs
  • Encourage your team to think critically about what has worked well as a team,, what you can replicate and what can change
  • Encourage organisation of files, documents and emails
  • Provide structure for data collection or project management tools
  • Brainstorm with your team how best to interact with other parts of the organisation
  • Get feedback on how your business has handled the crisis and any improvements you could make

For monitoring of employees

  • Revisiting personal development plans – are your personal and your team’s aspirations still reasonable for your company’s current situation?
  • Add a learning element to personal development plans
  • Don’t forget to set up the same catch-up cadence whether on or offline
  • Have you pulse checked your companies’ culture in the new environment?
  • Cross-department collaboration and sharing of resources might be needed; so ensure that remaining employees working hard to support the business are recognised
  • Ensure physical and mental wellbeing is upholded and supported

For the management of employees

  • Look at the impact of the crisis so far and review numbers that differ or that don’t differ dramatically
  • Critically assessing projects, their milestones & KPIs to assess whether necessary or nice to have in a new environment
  • Speak with other execs on effective management tools and techniques
  • Discuss work and home boundaries and find ways to support clear working hours

Any additional tools and techniques that you are finding useful to your business? We’d love to hear from you via email on [email protected].